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The International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club was formed for the protection of our beloved Miniature Australian Shepherds. Miniature Australian Shepherds are not a new breed, they are a size variety of the Australian Shepherd. They are the same dog, same blood and DNA as the Australian Shepherd only smaller in size. Several farmers, ranchers, breeders kept the size down on these dogs for function. The larger 60 to 90 pound Aussies just could not get into places they were needed to be whether crossing through fences, under gates, through barns as well as many were used a s pen dogs. They had to be strong enough to get the job done but small enough to function and get to the places they needed to be. So the Miniature Australian Shepherd is not new, you can go back to the beginning and see many smaller dogs which still run today through many pedigrees and bloodlines.

Our Mission

To protect the Miniature Australian Shepherd in health, type, temperament, instinct and promote quality in the breeding purebred Australian Shepherds of the Miniature size variety.

To maintain a completely documented and accurate registry and recorded database for Australian Shepherds of the Miniature Variety.

To maintain a standard reflecting the ideal consistent with genetically achievable goals of the Australian Shepherd of the Miniature size variety; to urge members to accept the IMASC standard as the only standard of excellence by which Australian Shepherds of the Miniature size variety shall be judged; and to manage a fair process to educate judges in the IMASC standard.

To promote the formation of affiliated clubs in those localities where there is sufficient fanciers to meet requirements.

To sanction conformation shows, herding trials, obedience trials, agility trials and performance events, and to encourage sportsmanlike participation by members in all forms of competition.

To pursue further recognition as the variety becomes populous enough and when breeders have demonstrated that they are breeding sound, consistently typey dogs of the correct instinct and temperament.

To promote a club to where all members voices and votes are heard and acknowledged, no matter how big or small, or what country you are from.


International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club, INC

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